Olga T. Schubert

PI | EAWAG | [email protected]


During Olga’s PhD and postdoctoral studies at ETH Zurich and the University of California, Los Angeles, she developed large-scale and high-throughput approaches to study how protein networks in microbial cells respond to environmental stress conditions and genetic perturbations. Since January 2023, she is leading a research group at Eawag and ETH Zurich together with Martin Ackermann. The main goal of the group is to work out fundamental principles of the biology and ecology of microbial communities. The group often works in well-controlled laboratory settings using synthetic communities on which it applies single-cell live-cell microscopy and different omics techniques and then collaborates with others to test the resulting hypotheses in natural settings.


Research Interests

Microbial ecology, Systems biology, Proteomics, CRISPR-based genetic engineering, Microfluidics, Live-cell imaging

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Olga T. Schubert