Multimedia Gallery

Diatom-associated bacteria – Isobel Short, Clara Martinez-Pérez, Uria Alcolombri

A diatom-associated widespread marine bacteria causing morphological changes and ultimately cell lysis of T. rotula.

Alginate Communities – Glen D’Souza

Microbial communities composed of Vibrio cyclitrophicus and Ruegeria denitrificans growing on the marine polysaccharide alginate.

Lineage Tree Alginate Communities – Glen D’Souza

Lineage tree of bacterial groups that form while growing on alginate, an abundant algal derived polymer.

Trichodesmium filaments gliding on a glass surface – Jonasz Slomka

Trichodesmium filaments gliding on each other on a glass surface and reversing their motion direction (smart reversal).
Reference: Pfreundt U, Slomka J et al_Science_2022.

Aggregates formation of Trichodesmium – Jonasz Slomka

Rapid response of aggregate Trichodesmium culture to dark pulses during the day. The aggregation is facilitated by the coordinated movement and interaction among its individual gliding filaments.
Reference: Pfreundt U, Slomka J et al_Science_2022.

Modeling aggregation in Trichodesmium – Jonasz Slomka

Modeling aggregation in 3D from random encounters of Trichodesmium filaments. Sticky filaments with rotational bonds form elongated chains.
Reference: Pfreundt U, Slomka J et al_Science_2022.

Epiphyte nanoflagellates on diatom – Emma George

Epiphytic nanoflagellates attached to diatoms (Pseudo-nitzschia sp.) collected from the Scripps Pier.

Sargassum Incubation – Hagen Buck-Wiese

Incubation setup of Sargassum arriving at the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

Patch of Sargassum – Hagen Buck-Wiese

A large patch of Sargassum drifting towards the Mexican coasts near Cancun on the Yucatan peninsula.

Seaweed – Hagen Buck-Wiese

Few of the hundreds of seaweed species found in southern Australia seen at Pirate Bay, Tasmania

1A01 cells on chitin – Ghita Guessous

Vibrio sp. 1A01 cells rapidly attaching to and detaching from chitin particles.

6C06 cells on chitin – Ghita Guessous

Psychromonas 6C06 cells (in red) fully cover a chitin particle (green).

Large-scale simulation of a Tichodesmium bloom – Jonask Slomka

A visualization of a large-scale simulation representative of a Trichodesmium bloom. The color code in the rendering shows intense vorticity structures.


Caulobacter crescentus cells behaviours and nutrient complexity – Glen D’Souza

Cells of Caulobacter crescentus, an ubiquitous aquatic bacterium, growing inside microfluidic growth devices on the polysaccharide xylan. Cells engage in colonial behaviours when growing on the polysaccharide xylan but disperse to solitary growth states when the monosaccharide xylose becomes available.

Bacteria on model marine snow – Uria Alcolombri

Fluorescently labeled marine bacterium (green speckles) flowing through a microfluidic chamber toward a model marine snow aggregate made from the polysaccharide alginate (the large green circle). Flow with a constant speed toward a fixed particle is equivalent to a particle sinking at that speed in otherwise quiescent fluid.