Mary Ann Moran

PI | University of Georgia | [email protected]


My research in marine microbial ecology focuses on the genetic and ecological foundations of bacterial sulfur and carbon cycling in the ocean, with the goal of understanding the role of marine bacteria in the productivity of the ocean and the formation and flux of climatically active gases.

Selected Publications

Nowinski, B. and M. A. Moran. 2020. Niche dimensions of a marine bacterium are identified using invasion studies in coastal seawater. Nature Microbiology, in press.

Uchimiya, M., W. Schroer, M. Olofsson, A. S. Edison, M. A. Moran. 2020. Diel investments in phytoplankton metabolite production influenced by associated heterotrophic bacteria. BioXRiv,

Fu, He, C. B. Smith, S. Sharma, and M. A. Moran. 2020. Genome sequences and metagenome-assembled genome sequences of microbial communities enriched on phytoplankton exometabolites. Microbiology Resource Announcements 9:e00724-20.

Fu, H., M. Uchimiya, J. Gore, and M. A. Moran. 2020. Ecological drivers of bacterial community assembly in synthetic phycospheres. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 117:3656-3662.

Research Interests

Ecology, Environmental Omics, Model Systems

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Mary Ann Moran