Hsin-Ting Li

PhD student | UC San Diego | [email protected]


I am a Ph.D. student in Ocean Biosciences program at the Scripps institution of Oceanography (SIO) at UCSD. I obtained a master’s degree in Applied Ecology at Kiel University and a bachelor degree in Life Sciences at National Chung Hsing University. My research interests lie in the interaction between micronutrients and phytoplankton and the variation in marine food webs that result from changes in phytoplankton ecophysiology. I conducts studies, in the laboratory of Dr. Andrew E. Allen at SIO, on the molecular mechanisms utilized by phytoplankton to acquire and assimilate trace metals and major nutrients. More generally, the genetic mechanisms which regulate associations between diatom phytoplankton and nitrogen fixing microbes (diazotrophs) and related impacts on food webs.


Research Interests

Biological oceanography

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Hsin-Ting Li