Andreas Sichert

Postdoc | ETH Zurich | [email protected]


My main focus is to understand how microbes degrade complex recalcitrant algal polysaccharides. I received a M.Sc. in Marine Microbiology at the Max-Planck Institute in Bremen and a PhD in Glycobiology in the group of Jan-Hendrik Hehemann. Afterwards, I studied the ecology of polysaccharide degrading communities with Otto Cordero at MIT in Cambridge. Now, I analyze the metabolism of polysaccharide degrading bacteria in the group of Uwe Sauer at ETH Zurich.

Selected Publications

Sichert, A., Corzett, C.H., Schechter, M.S. et al. Verrucomicrobia use hundreds of enzymes to digest the algal polysaccharide fucoidan. (2020) Nat Microbiol 5, 1026–1039.

Research Interests

Microbial ecology and physiology, CAZymes, glycobiology.

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Andreas Sichert