Goodbye Noelle and Zach 👋

A warm goodbye to Noelle who joined PriME in early days working as a Postdoc in the group of Schubert/Ackermann at EAWAG in Zurich. Noelle is a microbial biogeochemist and oceanographer and during her PostDoc she investigated how bacteria cope with multiple stressors, to better approximate their behavior in nature.

She is now starting her lab as Assistant Professor at USC where she will continue studying the inner workings of microbial cells, and how this scales up to ecological function and global scale processes. You can follow her here.

Thank you for your work in PriME and all the best for your future!

A warm goodbye to Zach as well. He joined PriME a few years ago working as a Postdoc in the group of Stocker at ETH in Zurich. He used live Raman microspectroscopy to characterize transitions in microbial communities, while attempting to identify the chemical components that underpin these changes.

He will now continue his work as Senior Researcher in the Levine lab at USC. He will stay in touch with PriME and we look forward to seeing him again!