The Simons Collaboration on Principles of Microbial Ecosystems (PriME) elucidates the principles underpinning the self-organization, structure and function of microbial communities in the ocean.

Recent Publications

  • A mutant fitness assay identifies bacterial interactions in a model ocean hot spot

    Schreirer JE, Smith CB, Ioerger TR, and Moran MA

    PNAS, 120(12): e2217200120

  • Cell aggregation is associated with enzyme secretion strategies in marine polysaccharide-degrading bacteria

    D’Souza G, Ebrahimi A, Stubbusch A, Daniels M, Keegstra J, Stocker R, Cordero O, and Ackermann M

    ISME Journal

  • Encounter rates prime interactions between microorganisms

    Slomka J, Alcolombri U, Carrara F, Foffi R, Peaudecerf F, Zbinden M, and Sotcker R

    Interface Focus, 13: 20220059

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  • Our Research

    Our Research

    The collaboration aims to derive fundamental principles of how microbial ecosystems assemble and function.

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    We have developed a number of new resources that we are making publicly available for the community.

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