The Simons Collaboration on Principles of Microbial Ecosystems (PriME) elucidates the principles underpinning the self-organization, structure and function of microbial communities in the ocean.

Recent Publications

  • Community level signatures of ecological succession in natural bacterial communinties.

    Pascual-García, A. and Bell, T.

    Nature Commun., 11(1), 1-11

  • The molecular clock in the evolution of protein structures

    Pascual-García, A. and Arenas, M. and Bastolla, U.

    Systematic Biology, 68(6),987-1002

  • The effect of flow on swimming bacteria controls the initial colonisation of curved surfaces

    Secchi E., Vitale A., Miño G.L., Kantsler V., Eberl L., Rusconi R. and Stocker R.

    Nature Communications, 11, 2851.

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  • Our Research

    Our Research

    The collaboration aims to derive fundamental principles of how microbial ecosystems assemble and function.

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    We have developed a number of new resources that we are making publicly available for the community.

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