The Simons Collaboration on Principles of Microbial Ecosystems (PriME) elucidates the principles underpinning the self-organization, structure and function of microbial communities in the ocean.

Recent Publications

  • Community level signatures of ecological succession in natural bacterial communinties.

    Pascual-García, A. and Bell, T.

    Nature Commun., 11(1), 1-11

  • Elongation enhances encounter rates between phytoplankton in turbulence

    Argueidas-Leiva J-A., Slomka J., Lalescu C.C., Wilczek M.

    PNAS, 119 (32): e2203191119

  • Strain-level diversity drives alternative community types in millimetre-scale granular biofilms

    Leventhal GE, Boix C, Kuechler U, Enke TN, Sliwerska E, Holliger C, Cordero OX

    Nat Microbiol 3: 1295–1303

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  • Our Research

    Our Research

    The collaboration aims to derive fundamental principles of how microbial ecosystems assemble and function.

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    We have developed a number of new resources that we are making publicly available for the community.

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