Uria Alcolombri

Postdoc | ETH Zurich | alcolombri@ifu.baug.ethz.ch


I joined the Stocker Lab in 2017 as a postdoctoral fellow to study the critical role marine microbes play in the biological pump. In my research, I use microfluidic systems to examine key physical and biochemical constraints on bacterial degradation of organic particles in the ocean. My main goal is to open a window into the unseen world of the microbial populations that inhabit marine particles, and in doing so, to provide a better understanding of the cycling of carbon in the ocean.

Selected Publications

1. Encounter rates between bacteria and small sinking particles, J Słomka, U Alcolombri, E Secchi, R Stocker, VI Fernandez
New Journal of Physics 22 (4), 043016.

2. Optofluidic Raman-activated cell sorting for targeted genome retrieval or cultivation of microbial cells with specific functions
KS Lee, FC Pereira, M Palatinszky, L Behrendt, U Alcolombri, D Berry, … Nature Protocols, 1-43.

3. Sinking enhances the degradation of organic particles by marine bacteria, Uria Alcolombri*, François J. Peaudecerf, Vicente I. Fernandez, Lars Behrendt, Kang Soo Lee and Roman Stocker*, Under Review.

Research Interests

Oceanography, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Ecology

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Uria Alcolombri